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Since its conception, this quote from the very last page of Jeanette MacDonald's unpublished autobiography manuscript has been the inspiration and guideline for what we strive to accomplish here at Miss MacDonald's. We are excited to expand our journey of discovering, understanding and embracing Miss MacDonald to a larger platform with the hope that by sharing all that we think makes up the essence of her life, legacy and lasting impact we might help fans, new and old, find more reasons to love this extraordinary woman.


We'd like to express our sincerest gratitude to those who have shown their support to us here at Miss MacDonald's, and to Miss MacDonald herself, from our earliest days and we eagerly welcome those fans who are finding us everyday.

This is, perhaps, the essence of me, and I hope for nothing better than that it has and will continue to add up to this:

"She is true to herself."

"Marble and granite are perishable monuments and their inscriptions may be seldom read. Carve your name in human hearts; they alone are immortal."

As a young child, these very words were told to Jeanette by a minister. As you look through the years of her life, it is easy to see how lasting their impact was on the impressionable youngster. It seems every faction of Jeanette’s life was always teeming with those whose hearts had her name forever carved in them; whether it was fans clamoring outside studio gates or concert halls, peers in the industry that she helped find their place and whom thrived within her unshakable loyalty, friends who crammed her social calendar until it exceeded capacity, or family members deep in their appreciation for all her support throughout the years. No matter how you look at it, it’s undeniable that Jeanette had a unique way of touching people.