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Carve your name in human hearts...

"Marble and granite are perishable monuments and their inscriptions may be seldom read. Carve your name in human hearts; they alone are immortal."

As a young child, these very words were told to Jeanette by a minister. As you look through the years of her life, it is easy to see how lasting their impact was on the impressionable youngster. It seems every faction of Jeanette’s life was always teeming with those whose hearts had her name forever carved in them; whether it was fans clamoring outside studio gates or concert halls, peers in the industry that she helped find their place and whom thrived within her unshakable loyalty, friends who crammed her social calendar until it exceeded capacity, or family members deep in their appreciation for all her support throughout the years. No matter how you look at it, it’s undeniable that Jeanette had a unique way of touching people.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate at Miss MacDonald’s to get to interact with fans all across the world who have felt that unmistakable touch in their own lives. It has been a thrill for us to hear the stories of those who have confirmed that, even after all these years, Jeanette continues to carve her name in new hearts everyday.

In celebration of Miss MacDonald’s birthday, we asked our twitter followers to share with us the ways in which Jeanette has touched their lives and we are thrilled and honored to share them with you today.

"Why is Jeanette special? So many reasons. She was the first soprano I ever heard. Thanks to her I now enjoy opera. Mostly, though, her films are utter joy. In times of woe, I can turn to any of them and have my soul cheered. She was a great singer and a very good actress with a deft comic touch. Love her."

"With gorgeous, lilting songs, and contagious, radiant smiles. With wisdom so beyond her years it seemed almost otherworldly. With honest reflection, and uncompromising grace. With steadfast loyalty, genuine charity, and relentless kindness. With boundless compassion and unparalleled passion. With equal parts practical jokester and elegant lady. With qualities of near perfection but always with room to grow. These are the ways Jeanette MacDonald has shaped my life for the better."

"While writing who and what Jeanette MacDonald means to me, I found it difficult. Not because I had nothing to say, actually it's quite the opposite. Some of the reasons I will keep to myself, because they are true treasures to my heart, but the most important reason is that she not only brought my best friend and I closer and allowed us to communicate on a completely new frequency but she also brought other friends into my life. We may be loud, weird, random and have no pause button when talking about Jeanette but it is definitely clear we share the same admiration for the glue that keeps old Hollywood and this group of girls together."

" What can I say about Jeanette MacDonald and how much she means to me and so many people? No matter how much time goes by she continues to be a light in the world who can change a dreary day into something magical with her beautiful voice and smile that can light up the darkest night."

"From the moment I saw my first Jeanette film I fell in love and knew a piece that was missing was finally filled. There is just something so special about her that transcends all time and space. You can't help but to be drawn in by her glorious beauty and talent and I am so thankful that she shared all those years of her life with the world because things would be so empty without her. Jeanette, we all love you so much and you will always be alive in our hearts."

"Why is Jeanette atypical? The answer is simple, yet complex. To say she is amazing is an understatement. Not simply because of her obvious talent but because of her character as well. There are days when you feel sad or lonesome and all you have to do is watch one of her films or read a funny story about something she once said and you will cheer up instantly. I have experienced her make someone feel worthwhile after learning about her more candidly, about how passionate and caring she was with everyone and everything in her life. She gave all of herself all the time. She stuck up for what she believed in and didn’t have any qualms about speaking her mind. She’s the definition of an inspiration. She deserves to be remembered for her talent. That high pitched, melodic, silken voice that drew the attention of everyone in the room. The way she could deliver a line and make you understand every emotion her character has been through. But she also deserves to be remembered as herself. For her strength and compassion for the well-being of everyone around her and for her craft. She is a force to be reckoned with."

"Gracious, pure and never a disappointment, the impact Jeanette continues to have on the world goes beyond the beautiful films she made and the lovely songs she sang. It's in the way she makes you be kinder, think longer, lover harder, and appreciate greater simply because that's how she did it and, try as you might, you can't help but want to emulate such a fine lady."

We'd like to thank all the wonderful people who shared their lovely messages with us via Twitter.